George Washington Memorial Parkway  – There is a $90 nonrefundable application fee for filming and photography permits. Approved permittees must pay an additional fee that is based on the number of crew and cast members for approved permits. Applications must be received at least four business days before filming or photography begins.

Fees for Filming
$150 for 3-10 people
$250 for 11-30 people
$500 for 31-49 people
$750 for more than 50 people

Fees for Photography
$50 for 1-10 people
$150 for 11-30 people
$250 for more than 30

Montgomery County Parks – all county parks without a specific fee listed are subject to a $250 permit fee.  A $50 cancellation fee applies and applications can take up to two weeks.

Glen Echo Park – non refundable $90 application fee, and a permit fee of $50 (total $140).  An additional $150/hour is charged for photographs inside the carousel building or the Spanish Ballroom and an additional location fee will also be charged by the Glen Echo Park Partnership. If you do not wish to have access to the carousel or ballroom, but would like to film or take photographs outside on park grounds only, the Glen Echo Park Partnership will not charge a location fee, and you may work directly with the National Park Service office at Glen Echo Park (301-320-1400) and the NPS permit office referred to above to apply for a permit.

Brookside Gardens – Groups of 11 or more require a $350 fee.  All professional photographer requires a permit.  Note photographer September 03, 2014: “Beginning in October, Brookside Gardens is going to be charging a $45 permit fee for photography sessions”

 McCrillis Gardens  – part of the Montgomery County park system so it should require permits, however another photographer has said:  “does not require any permits, although parking is pretty limited. it’s small, with wooded walkways, flowering trees, a couple of gazebos and benches, a stone house with an outdoor balcony you can climb up stairs to. it’s not nearly as sculpted or expansive as Brookside but it’s a very pretty place in a pinch”

Black Hill Nature Centre – has a $250 permit fee.  A $50 cancellation fee applies and applications can take up to two weeks.

Glenview Mansion – Glenview Mansion, Cottage and Farm is a historic home and surrounding property located at Rockville, Montgomery County, Maryland. The house is a 1926 Neo-Classical Revival style house on 65 acres of landscaped ground.  Call ahead to be sure there’s not an event happening on the grounds. No fee or application.

Oxon Hill Manor – Oxon Hill Manor is a neo-Georgian house of 49 rooms, located at Oxon Hill, Prince George’s County, Maryland. It was designed in 1928 for Sumner Welles by the Washington architect, Jules Henri de Sibour. Small portrait sessions can be permitted depending on their event schedule.  For rates, fees, and availability, please call 301-839-7782.

Sandy Point State Park, Maryland  – Ideal for sandy beach sessions. Requires a $30 permit fee

Downs Park – (John H Downs Memorial Park in Pasadena) professional photographers must contact the supervisor at the park prior to shooting at the park. No shoots without escort/permission in “the Mother’s Garden” (they are very vigilant about monitoring this space.

Ft. Smallwood Park – NEW! CLOSED UNTIL SPRING 2016  Check out Downs Park, Lake Waterford Park and Sandy Point as alternatives.  (Past Fort Smallwood procedures here: professional photographers must contact the supervisor at the park prior to shooting at the park. Full procedures listed here  )

Quiet Waters Park  – Even with permission from the Superintendent, the rangers reserve the right to remove any photographer at any time without any explanation necessary.  From a photographer on May 16th 2016: “I spoke with “Ranger Gene” just now and there is no photography permit but there is a videography permit. All video permit can be obtained by emailing sandy – She said Management handles all video fees by case and so she couldn’t give me a permit cost.”

Historic Annapolis – Has a film permit ($25) no word on whether that is required by photographers.  Felicia is the woman who handles permits.  Historical Annapolis Office of Permits 410-263-7946 Felicia.  Special Events: 410-263-7996

Historic Londontowne Gardens in Edgewater updated their photography policy in 2016. A Permit is required for all portraits, (paid or unpaid) Requests for photography sessions must be submitted at least one week in advance for sessions held during museum hours and two weeks in advance for sessions held outside of museum hours. Reservations are approved and accepted up to 4 days before the requested reservation time. Permit fee increased from $75/year to $200/year or sessions held during museum hours are charged $50 per 2-hour block. After-hours photo sessions are charged $175 per 2-hour block. Full policy and email contact info found here