I've always been the sentimental fool who's kept every handwritten letter sent to me. The 11 year old box containing all the love letters & cards from my husband since our dating years is proof of my sappiness. 

I've been this way since childhood when I lost my dad. His photographs help me to remember my days with him & the sweetness of those times in my family's life. Memories are so sacred & special. They help us to remember the beauty of days past & photography is the avenue that allows us to travel back to those moments in time & remember. 

Two lessons that photography has taught me are, to live in the moment, because the good stuff always passes by too quickly. And secondly, life is beautiful & that is worth celebrating. Each image I take is a celebration of someone's story & their journey.

I'm honored to have had the privilege of celebrating more than 90 couples who've said "I do", across 10 states, capturing incredible stories of everyday people over the past 10 years.

Fun facts: Ice cream, hot epsom salt baths, or adventures with my husband, Tim are my go to day-makers. If I could move into any retail store & live there forever it would be Anthropologie. I'm a left-handed creative who is inspired by beautiful light, romantic details & pops of feminine colors. My desire for all that I do is to bring glory to God through serving others, creating beautiful art & celebrating the beautiful gift of life.