She made us feel like nothing else in the world mattered except for that moment we were in. She made us laugh and take in the present, which made our photos look phenomenal.
— - Nakia King

Happy Clients

Ica made us feel great &immediately put us at ease (weddings can be stressful, she knows that, and she let us know why we didn't have to be worried!). She made us laugh -- time and time again. She was remarkably affirming, and helped us focus on each other when we were surrounded by so many people we love. We felt like we were in great and able hands the entire evening. 
— Ben Clark
"Not only did she make me and my husband feel comfortable in front of the camera, she is amazing in connecting with our wedding party & families & was able to take those photos so efficiently & respectfully, with so much ease.She was able to capture the love my husband and i share as well as the love that was shared between our friends & family at our wedding."
— Krystle Taglorine
"I enjoyed working with Ica because she was such a warm, fun personality that immediately makes you feel like you've known her a long time. She also doesn't hesitate to give direction and encouragement!"

- Knear Family

"Ica was amazing with my son. He was very shy in the beginning but she was very playful with him ... She made us feel at ease, natural and playful.She captured my son being his silly self, and the sweetness between the two of us. I could. It have been more pleased with our session and the pictures!"

-Crissy Kibic

"Rich and I were both a bit nervous about being in front of the camera. IMmediately, Ica's enthusiasm and guidance through every step made us feel at ease."
— Christine Ilog

"Ica draws something out of her clients, making us comfortable, just like a frined and that relational approach is why her photos are lively, real & true"


- Javee Medina