She was remarkably affirming, and helped us focus on each other when we were surrounded by so many people we love. When we were with Ica, we felt like we had her undivided attention — she was totally with us.
— Ben & Julie, Washington D.C.

Her photos captured the joy, love, laughter, and fun of every single moment of that day. Seeing those photos brought out the emotions of the story each photo told.
— Rich & Christine, Maryland

She made us feel like nothing else in the world matter except for that moment that we currently were in. She made us laugh and take in the present which make our photos look phenomenal
— Nakia, Virginia

Working with Ica was a dream come true! However, the care and time she invested in me was something I couldn’t have dreamed of. Her passion is infectious and just getting an ounce of that has changed me for the better!
— Rachel of Sprinkle of Kindness, Maryland

Ica was a total pro. She ran the show and got all the shots during crunch time. She was laid back but very professional. Ica learned the name and nickname of everyone in the family ... and made us all feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera.
— Whitney, California

She made the session fun and comfortable; it was easy to be ourselves, which showed in the photographs! I enjoyed working with Ica because she has such a warm, fun personality that immediately makes you feel like you’ve known her a long time
— Emily, Virginia

She made me feel confident and comfortable! I liked how encouraging she was during my shoot!
— Jordyn, Maryland

Im a person that often doesnt like being infront of the camera and being the center of attention but she made me feel so comfortable and at ease.
— Cindy, Maryland