WEDDING // Joppatown, MD Camp Wedding: Kirbie + Steve

Today I'm sharing a wedding that is quite near and dear to my heart. For many of my childhood summers, me and my best friends would spend a week away at Camp Wo-Me-To. Where we would adventure outdoors, get to know girls & most importantly learn more about God. One of my favorite moments at camp was always at the last worship service together. Before the service ended we would all light a candle passing the flame to our neighbors. Praying over ourselves & our girls that we would never hide the light of Christ in our lives & hope to bring light into the lives others. All of this is the backbone to why this wedding is so dear to me.

If you've ever attended camp Wo-Me-To you must know the name Kirbie Britt. She's kind of a legend at camp & for all the best reasons. Kirbie was and still is hilarious, fearless, kind & loyal. Every girl looked up to her & amongst her peers she was always a leader. When Kirbie got engaged we all cheered for her on social media, where in the good old days we would have all written letters. 

And I may or may not have prayed that I would be the one to capture Kirbie's big day (because I had a huge gut feeling that Camp Wo-Me-To would be her venue of choice). To my humbling, delight Kirbie & Steve came a-calling & blessed me beyond words.

I cried when they emailed me, I cried when I arrived on their wedding day, and I am crying now. The prayers of our summers past have been answered & are still being seen through, what a joy. Kirbie & Steve together your love for Christ is so beautiful to be around. It radiates through your thoughtfulness, generosity & your loyalty to your loved ones & strangers a like. Through each & every speech at your wedding you both have lived a life that has really brought light & encouragement to the lives of everyone around you. 

It was a huge honor to capture your wedding day in the very room we all prayed those prayers to be a light in the world. For your wedding & your relationship is just that. I can not say thank you enough for allowing Tim & I to participate in your wedding day & for treating us with more grace & kindness than we knew what to do with. Yours was one of the most meaningful weddings I have ever captured & I love you both so much!