PERSONAL // How does hiring a professional photographer make you a better photographer?


Art & vanity aside, no service based business or client experience is devoid of emotion. And we as clients have so many feelings & so many emotions during a photo shoot. We feel the weather, we feel the sun quickly fading, we feel silly, we feel pressure to perform, we feel nervous, we feel inadequate, we feel comfortable, we feel the sun quickly rising, we feel vulnerable, we feel judged by the people passing by, we feel elated, we feel loved, we feel beautiful & confident, we feel unworthy & ugly, we feel fat or too skinny, we feel frumpy or tired.

We feel it all.

Some how an artist with a camera is suppose to capture the best of me
despite feeling everything in one emotional explosion.

Being on that side of camera with someone else steering the ship, always puts me in my place. 

To everyone who's ever posed in front of a camera for someone else, I get you. I am you. Just because I run a photography business or get in front of the camera more often than your average joe, I still feel everything whenever I'm in front of a lens. Being a photographer doesn't magically make me more confident or take away any of my flaws or insecurities. I take photos of my own life simply to cherish it, imperfections and all.

As a photographer I want to always say, I've been there. And when it's been far too long since I stepped into your shoes, I go there to remind myself what it feels like to be you. To trust someone else with your memories, to trust someone else to capture YOU.

I'm so grateful for our talented friend Clarence who captured Tim & I to a T.
Whenever I look at these photos I smile from ear to ear because our trust was well placed.
We trusted Clarence to do what I know he can do, we trusted in his vision, in his art & in his instructions. We may differ as photographers, but the experience he gave us is what I've seen him give his clients time & time again whenever I've worked along side him.

Receiving such an amazing client experience has sharpen my very own, because of empathy.

To all my photographer friends, don't forget about yourselves.
Don't forget to hire someone else for the job that a tripod can't do.
It's a humbling experience to receive the very thing you give away day in and day out
& I promise as iron sharpens iron, it'll grow you & challenge you for the next time to go out to shoot. There are so many photographers in the world & we all do things differently but there is so much to learn from one another as we serve each other & our clients.

Thank you  Clarence Chan Photography for being our friend & our Christmas card photographer.