ICA INSIGHT // Our 1st Ica Image's Ice Cream Social

Marriage trumps wedding, all day every day. 

After a busy season filled with some incredible weddings & some of the sweetest clients I was aching for another chance to get all my 2016 clients under one roof to hang out again (with no weddings insight). 

For years I've silently dreamed of throwing an end of the year get together with my wedding clients but Christmas always sneaks up on me far to quickly. This year I put my foot down & made sure that that dream finally came to life.

As much as I love weddings, marriage has my heart.

Having 4 years of marriage under my belt I can confidently say that it only gets sweeter as the years roll by. I can't help but want to check up on the marriages I've been honored to witness & capture on day one. 

This ice cream social was my way to check up on those sweet new marriages I know are growing & thriving but haven't seen since the wedding day.

Here are a few images for our "ice cream social" at yes, my favorite gelato shop. 
It's the ice cream of Italy as they say & hey it was gelato fun!

To my 2016 wedding clients both near and far,
I pray for your marriages constantly & am thankful to have worked with you this year.

To my 2017 wedding clients ... get ready because I'll be hosting your 2017 Ice cream social at the end of next year & I can't wait to celebrate all that 2017 holds for us!

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