About ICA

I believe we all have a calling for our liveS.

Mine happens to be memory keeping (aka photography).
My kindergarten teacher once told my mom that I was an artist - as if she already knew I'd end up here, a creative professional. I've never been able to shake off those words & ever since then my family & friends have been the wind at my back through all my crafty & artsy endeavours.

"... the word that always comes to mind is legacy."

What I later came to understand is that life is short, so we must cherish our days here on earth & find a way to remember them. My dad passed away when my sister and I were still little girls & though our memories of him fade ever so slightly as we age, every photograph of him reminds us of our family's story. Every photo of him allows us to remember his smile and his big old glasses. 

When I look at photos of my dad the word that
always comes to mind is legacy.

This is the very reason I pick up my camera and work: the legacy of stories told and untold, mundane moments & monumental ones, the relationships that shape us & the beauty of the earth we live on.