Harvard University: Center of Hellenic Studies, Washington, DC Wedding

When a couple's journey towards marriage starts with a candlelit proposal, him & her's engagement rings & words like "You're the greatest person I've ever known & I want to know you as long time", followed by hours of giddy giggles of happiness ... you know it's going to be a great story.

I'll warn you now, I'm going to be more than generous

 in sharing photos from this particular wedding. Why?


The moments.


Despite such a perfectly manicured day, dreamy summer light included ... what really set the tone for my job as a photographer 

was how this couple completely lived & surrendered to the moments. Making my job a dream!


Rebecca & Eric have an easy going kind of love. Where friendship blossomed, loved abounded quickly & marriage was the perfect & only decision left to make in their story. Their sureness in each other & in their love is not one you'll find often these days.


"Seeking a thinking-outside-the-box photographer" was the subject of our first email correspondence & I'm grateful to have called them my most "thinking-outside-the-box" clients. Eric, this local theater music/sound designer and Rebecca, a radio show host on WAMU 88.5; crafted a wedding that sang of their fun personalities & their limitless creativity, only they could pull off. 


Their wedding was "Basically a party where a musical wedding happens to breaking out, 

in-the-round, with a jazz band, food trucks & cake .. LOTS of cake!" to quote the bride.

I'll end this post by sharing that this is one of my most prized weddings, as I shot it solo {not something I do often these days}. Being told "you're kind of a legend" by the couple's guests & family, because of capturing the day solo BUT with 2 cameras & results that look like 2 shooters were in play, is a high honor in my eyes.

From creative to creatives: Eric & Rebecca, 

Your wedding is one that is forged into my memories forever. The trust & kindness you showed me & even my husband {with his car accident days before your wedding} will remain unmatched for years to come. Thank you for simply being you, and for being a creativity magnet bringing the best out of me on your big day, and for hosting an amazing freaking party!!

Venue: Harvard University, Center of Hellenic Studies {Washington, DC}

Dress: BHLDN

Party Rentals: Allied Rentals & Perfect Settings

Food Trucks: The Randy Radish & Woodlands Vegan Bistro .. to go

Beer & Brewery: Right Proper Brewpub

Coffee: Vigilante Coffee