Personal // Lancaster, PA

As we start packing up the car to head out to Richmond, VA for a wedding this weekend I can't help but think about our weekend in Lancaster, PA last month. I love small towns with big city heart & Lancaster was just that.

The morning after shooting one of the most perfect barn weddings Tim and I walked the beautiful streets of downtown Lancaster. From the perfect little Airbnb walkup, to a delicious breakfast at Rachel's Cafe, the sweetest window box planters, to the endless shops & cafes, we were absolutely smitten.

Our two goals whenever we travel are ...
1. Stay local
2. Eat local

Sightseeing is pretty high up there as well, but our true goal is to experience new places as a local would, not simply as a tourist. We love using Airbnb to allow us the opportunity to meet & stay with locals and get a feel for their city per their recommendations. (We love making friends in new places). And because eating is a necessity, we always aim to eat at least one "local" meal during our stay. 
As simple folk, any thing additional to that is truly a bonus. 

Happy weekend to you all! Richmond here we come!