PORTRAITS // Oldtown Alexandria Family Portraits: The Franciscos

Whether it's watching them from a distance, or in a shared five minute conversation with them, it's in how they pray, how they speak with the most authentic kindness & love, it's in their contagious smiles, it's in the way they teach & how they parent ... Pastor Danny & Ate Josie (Ate = Tagalog word for big sister) live & breath the love of the Lord. 

My husband and I are so privileged to know countless amazing, God-fearing, inspiring couples but Pastor Danny & Ate Josie are a couple who can't be beat in our books. Every single time I speak with them I am left with joy. They are a breath of fresh air & their testimony humbles me to my core. Their obedience in following where the Lord leads them all over the world for their jobs is the kind of obedience & surrender I pray for myself & our family. Serving the local church or helping to end extreme global poverty with US AID, these two live so selflessly. It was to no surprise that their beautiful children are just as sweet, kind & joyful as their parents.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for living lives that truly embody the love of our Savior, Ate Josie & Pastor Danny. We are so grateful to know you both & we are privileged to call you our friends & our family in the Lord. You encourage us & inspired us in so many ways & though it was for a short time, I'm so glad we were able to spend some time with your beautiful family before you leave for your assignment in the Philippines. 

The world is a better, sweeter place because of you four.