PREVIEW + BEHIND THE SCENES // Second Shooting in Leesburg, VA: Lily + Jarey

"It's not about you."

I read this J*  blog post awhile back (Please forgive me, I can't find the exact link) & this four word answer she gave to a fellow photographer's question was an absolute game changer for how I work. 

So ... I must give credit where credit is due and I want to shout a huge public THANK YOU to my friend Clarence Chan. He took a chance on me last season & asked me to 2nd shoot for him once, and a year later he still continues to call me up to work along side him. I am in your debt Clarence for you have challenged me, trusted me, encouraged me in more ways than I deserve & working at your side has made me better.  

Working with your brand in mind has grown my eyes to see things differently. The amount of trust you place in my hands on any given wedding day humbles me completely. The clients you have shared with me have been amongst the best I could have ever asked to work with & most of all the creative freedom you allow me as we are working, leaves me inspired.

At some point last season we ended a long wedding day and you said "You inspire me, Ica" & I will never forget it. Because truth be told, how ever I have inspired you (I don't know how), you have done so for me ten fold. Thank you for allowing me to both capture & share these images. I can honestly and proudly say that some of the best work I've done has been the work I've done at your side.

My sincerest thanks.

The two creative teams seen here in this post are

Clarence Chan Photography + Paul Kwak Productions


Lansdowne Resort & Spa

Bridal Hair & Make Up

Best Face Forward


Ann's Floral Designs //  (email) seyoon0315{at}