PORTRAITS // Southern Maryland Portraits: Ica

Hey friends! If you are new around here I'm Ica & I wanted to say hello. This summer has been one for the books & we are only halfway through. Our summer has had some rock bottom lows, incredible highs & jam packed weeks, I wanted to take some time to freeze frame who God is shaping me to be in this very season.

I am not perfect, nor am I teflon strong. I make a mess of life a lot, but I've got some incredible people who help me clean my act up & who help me make sense of the chaos. I'm a lover & a friend & though I am flawed, knowing God's relentless love only drives me to love deeper & love people better. I'm selfish at best, but the cross of Christ daily reminds me to lay down my life. And I am known by my God, who is good & does good.  Photos only show you a tiny fraction of the truth, this my friends is me.

A humble thank you goes out to my loving husband for taking me out on a date, for taking my photos & for always bringing the best out of me in life & lens. I love you madly.