ICA INSIGHT // Wedding Shoes & Socks

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I have always been a shoe person.  It's a problem, it's my vice.
I have three years of retail experience in a shoe store to prove it.
And three years in retail is an eternity.
If you've ever worked retail these three words probably still haunt you:
holiday shopping season.
But I digress.

Wedding day shoes ... where do I even begin?

I realize bridal shoes & a groom's socks mostly go unnoticed during the course of a wedding day, but wedding day shoes/socks are such a fun way to personalize your big day. Why not have fun with your foot wear? Those feet of yours are going to walk you down an aisle & into the arms of your almost-spouse & that's worth a stamp of personality if you ask me.

What I love about wedding day shoes is that there are no rules, no traditions, truly anything goes.
Heels, flats, wedges or sneakers ... it's you're call & sky's the limit.

My 5 suggestions when picking out bridal shoes:

1. Pick a pair of bridal shoes you really, really love. 
Emphasis on the YOU. We all know that it takes a village to plan a wedding & with so many suggestions, ideas & recommendations thrown around during that time this is a detail you can unapologetically make your very own. Go with your gut & wear a pair you won't regret.

2. Comfortable is king! They tell you beauty is pain but on your wedding day do yourself a favor & get a pair of shoes that are comfortable no matter how beautiful they are. And if you can't live with out these sky high Jimmy's bring a spare! If your bridal shoes are anything other than flats or sneakers, I'd suggest having a spare set of comfy shoes. Think of it this way: save yourself & your feet for the dance floor! 
3. Break those bad boys in! Your bridal shoes must be broken in a bit by your wedding day. You don't want to be surprised by painful shoes the day of so test out your shoes for at least 30 minutes. And no I don't mean take them outside & get the dirty before hand but spend some time walking around the house with them on to make sure it's a great fit.

4. Don't be afraid of color or pattern.
Just because you are wearing all white doesn't mean you must have white heels. Like I mentioned before, your bridal shoes mostly go unnoticed so don't be shy about your pick you'll be the one who notices them the most.

5. Have your bridal shoes picked out by your 1st dress fitting.
You want to get the hight correct when having your dress tailored so come prepared (and this might be TMI but also wear the right undergarments for that 1st fitting too ... you'll thank me later).

Want some inspiration, here are a few bridal shoe choices from my past brides.

Each of the these bridal shoes distinctly matches each bride's personality to a T.
They are all so different as it should be.

Happy shoe shopping ladies & here to finding your perfect pair!
A few of my favorite shoe places are Modcloth, Seychelles, & BHLDN

Now fellas I haven't forgotten about you.
Fancy a fun pair of socks? Good, because I do too.

Fun socks are one of my favorite hidden details & I appreciate a guy who isn't afraid to be silly or wear something some thing bright for their wedding day. 

Fun socks look good on everyone!


A few of my husband's favorite places to get fun socks are PacSun, Target or Kohls.


Happy shoe & sock hunting friends!