PORTRAITS // Theodore Roosevelt Island, Washington DC Engagement: Mark & Jamaica

Every love story is unique & multifaceted, each is beautiful & lovely.

I have a particular soft spot for well-worn-in love stories, the kind that has seen many seasons & has lasted many years. Lengthy love stories get me weak in the knees because of the love I've been able to grow with my husband over the past 10 years (6 years dating, 4 years married). And that I know is that a love that has lasted more than 10 years has been tried and tested.

Jamaica &  Mark's story is more than a decade old (15 years, right guys?) & seeing them together, well you don't need to know much more than that to know that these two are meant to be a family.  Jamaica & Mark are both gentle spirits, sweet as honey & one of the most bubbly couples around. They are fiercely loyal & they sprinkle kindness where ever they go. 

Mark & Jamaica, I'm still floored to have the opportunity to capture your wedding day & celebrate yet another sweet milestone in your ever growing love story. You two are inspiring & make the world a sweeter place. April can't come quickly enough!