PORTRAITS // Alexandria, VA Proposal: Jocelyn + Dan

Everything was perfectly placed, all of Jocelyn's family hid downstairs, the gallery was empty & silent waiting for Dan & Jocelyn's arrival. The large front doors creaked open & she pretty much knew from there. At the other end of the gallery waited a small around table with a bible laid out to a verse they held dear, next to a framed photo of them.

Heart confetti lined the walk down to the table, as the last of the day's sunlight poured in through the windows, Dan shared his heart for his girl, spoke of Psalm 145:19, and then asked the love of his life to marry him. She said yes.

John Legend's "All of Me" played softly on repeat as they giggled and cried. Until Jocelyn's family came upstairs for her second surprise & where there were more tears, and giggles & even a  dance party.

Jocelyn & Dan, your story is so sweet & I can't wait to share more of it. The love you have for each other & your obvious love for the Lord & for family is so beautiful & passionate. Every interaction with you two has always left me encouraged, loved & joyful, to call you my clients has been a joy, but to receive your friendship has been such an honor. I have so much love for you both & I'm so excited for what's in store for you guys this year.