PORTRAITS // Meridian Hill, Washington, DC Engagement: Cindy + Tyrone

These two are not strangers to my blog. Their DC proposal last summer was such a whirlwind of joy & exactly a year later (this coming memorial day weekend) these who will become husband and wife.

Tyrone is my brother-in-law & Cindy is basically my other sister. These two are the other Uncle & Auntie duo to our sweet nephew & niece & I'm so honored and thrilled to once again be capturing the wedding of another one of my brothers (in-law).

What I admire about these two is that their relationship is build on such a solid friendship. There's no one more fiercely loyal than Tyrone, he's hilarious and tough, he's generous & always ready to serve others. There is no one more perfect for him than Cindy & she compliments who Tyrone is in all the best ways. Cindy is generally quite & so gentle, thoughtful, her smile is like a ray of sunshine & the way she lights up when Tyrone walks in the room is just about the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

I am so grateful to call you both my friends & but even more so my family.
May is almost here & I'm besides myself with joy!
Love you Ty & Cindy & I'm so grateful for the opportunity
to be such a huge part of this season in your lives.