PORTRAITS // Sterling, Virginia Maternity Portraits: Limos Family

Happiest Birthday to my one & only big sis, Ate Joan. (Ate means older sister in Tagalog)

Yesterday I cried while taking your maternity portraits for so many reasons. Because words are failing to come out eloquently, I'm just going to list all of the reasons why I cried, below.

- I cried because you are so gosh darn beautiful pregnant.
- I cried because after watching your heart break during your miscarriage last year,
I wanted nothing more than for you to be a mom to yet another beautiful baby.
- I cried because you overcame the heartache & you and Terrence now have your rainbow baby.
- I cried because, though we never got to meet baby Limos #3,
you loved baby #3 fully & wholeheartedly because that's what you do.
You love big.
Just as baby Limos #4 is already so completely loved.
- I cried because even through your miscarriage your faith still never wavered &
your trust in the Lord remained steadfast.
- I cried because I can't wait to find out baby's gender & celebrate
whatever name you guys choose when you stare at his or her beautiful face.
- I cried because you've been so incredibly strong despite having the hardest pregnancy
- I cried because you make THE BEST humans, they are always my favorites
- I cried because I just want to kiss & hug your newest baby already!!!
- I cried because you make me so proud.
- I cried because I've never prayed harder for you than the past 9 months.
- I cried because you are every bit the amazing mom I always knew you would be
- I cried because I love you so much & just saying the words doesn't fully do it justice.

Thank you for shooting through your contractions yesterday,
but most importantly
thank you for making me an Auntie to your incredible children.

Happy Birthday, Sissy!!!!!

*** 01.04.2016 This post is dedicated to my niece or nephew (baby Limos #3) who I never got to meet, this side of heaven. You are so loved & missed, baby. You've been marked on my heart & this auntie's life has been forever changed by you. Love, Your Auntie Ica ***

* That was a contraction right there! Sissy is due on June 28th but this baby is coming early, we all know it. If you think of her, could I ask you to lift up some prayers over my sister & the baby, this month? Baby may still be breached & it's a bit early for his or her arrival, but we are still so excited & ready to meet this beautiful baby already! Thank you so much for your prayers.