Franciscan Monastery, DC Engagement Portraits: Nella + Tyler


Nella & Tyler had to travel to the opposite side of the world on a trip to the Philippines to figure out that their Maryland made friendship was much more than just friendship. It was basically an honeymoon before the relationship even began & now they are just a few short months away from saying "I do" then they'll be off on their actual honeymoon. 

When I asked them what they love about each other I nearly cried at their responses. Nella spoke so kindly of Tyler's never-ending thirst for knowledge, & his burning desire to change the world (these were direct quotes). While Tyler shared that Nella is simply inspiring, she is so hard working, patient & is one of the most caring people you'll ever meet. These two are the kind of people who are humbly & gently changing the world with their love, their passion for building others up & helping all those around them with all their skills & knowledge.

When these two are in each other's arms, the admiration in their eyes & the incredible joy on their faces when held by the other is the kind of magic that inspires love songs & movies. It's such a gift to be able to call these two some of my newest friends & I'm over the moon excited to be shooting their wedding in a few short months.

Tyler & Nella, Your love for each other & your passion to change the world for good is so inspiring. Thank you for bringing that encouragement & beauty into my life. I could not have asked the Lord for sweeter clients in this season of my life & I'm so blessed to be working with you two incredible souls. I love you both & your wedding can't come quickly enough!