Skycroft Convention Center: Middletown, MD Wedding: Leland + Danielle


"Where you go I follow
No matter how far
If life is a movie
Then you're the best part" - H.E.R.

When you get married on the camp grounds that you lived on for 22 years, then you see your groom for the first time on your wedding day under your most favorite tree in all the world, there's bound to be a river of tears & so much celebrating. Did I mention that guest were invited to camp out with the bride & groom at the end of the night, right there by the reception tent, under the stars in an open field?

Leland & Danielle's mountain top, camp site wedding was everything I'd imagine it'd be.
It was laid back, so personal & fun, & the weather was perfect! The forecast called for rain but the Lord moved the clouds for us & gave us cloud cover for the ceremony, a light drizzle during the first dance & a gorgeous sunset to polish off our day. 

And my oh my were their tears. From the first look where Danielle & Leland shared their personal vows in private, to best man who's love for his best friend was so evident & so endearing as he cried during most of the ceremony standing next to the groom, to Danielle's father's speech that literally had the entire tent of people weeping with tears. I've never seen a speech have such an impact on a wedding day, but when you have a father like Danielle's, who spent countless nights praying over Danielle's future husband while she was still a baby in her nursery, every single word was drenched in powerful love.

Leland & Danielle, thank you for being one of the most loving & generous couples I've ever had the joy of working with. You both love BIG & love deeply, and now I see that it's because of the incredible love you two were raised in & the immense love you two have been surrounded by all of your lives, & of course, because of our great God's perfect love. I love you both so much & I feel like the luckiest girl not only because I got to capture your wedding day, but because both of you, your friends & family all invited me right in to the celebration like I was family all a long. 

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