PERSONAL // A very special thank you + behind the scenes

I am not going to get very far in writing this before I start crying. 
And my clients & friends know I can cry. 

To every single bride & groom, every mom & dad, every family & friend, every planner,
florist, DJ, videography team & caterer, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

The support, trust & love I have received from you all this past year has been incredible. Every wedding day I am humbled by the sheer talent & creativity that surrounds me on every vendor team. And the thoughtfulness & kindness that pours out from my couples, well it chokes me up just thinking about it. 

In this wedding season alone, I've been put in the front of the buffet line by the bride herself, I have been pulled into a photo booth by the bride & groom, I have been given a to-go box of food by the catering staff, mothers of the bride have sent me home with floral centerpieces, I've had a groom walk off the dance floor to plate & deliver me a gluten free cupcake, I've had planners offer to do the leg work of submitting our work for publication, a past bride ask me to teach her high school class some photography basics & I'm just scratching at the surface. (I'm long winded, forgive me).

(Now I'm crying) These huge gestures of kindness take my breath away, but even in the small things you all bless me beyond words. Thank you for simply letting me witness your wedding day (I know the struggle of putting a guest list together & though I am a vendor I consider myself "invited" & I know that is so meaningful). Thank you for kindly entertaining me & my games of Simons Says, for letting me step into your personal space as I fix your hair, boutonniere, make a tie straight or turn a necklace around. Thank you for feeding me and my husband some of the best meals ever and for letting us boogie onto your dance floor. 

Thank you for sharing your stories with me & in return allowing me to tell your story through images, and for sharing your family & friends with me. You all give me more than a job to do, you give me purpose in my career.


To the sweet vendors we've worked along side this season, thank you all for inspiring us, for encouraging us throughout the day & for simply playing nice. I have loved working along side all of you & I can honestly say my clients hire some of the most hilarious teams ever (and I wouldn't have it any other way).

A special thank you goes out to my friend Clarence. Thank you for sharing your clients with me all year long & for allowing me the honor to second shoot for you. You my friend, are a joy to work along side & YOU inspire me!

To my support system, my loving family & my dear friends,
Thank you for always believing in me & for being the best cheerleaders a girl could ask for. The days I doubt myself, or am stressed, the days I miss family gatherings because of work ... you meet me with grace, encouragement & prayers. Along with my husband, I can't do what I do without you guys.
And I love you with all the love my little heart can muster up. 

Lastly, all glory be to Christ my King.
In every season & in all things it is His love, grace & kindness that sustains me
& gives me purpose in life. His praise will ever & always be on my lips.

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your loved ones.
Humbly & gratefully yours, Ica