PORTRAITS // Salisbury University Proposal: JJ + Emily

I'll start by saying, we knew this was coming.

Over the summer during our Remo family trip to Nebraska, JJ & his girlfriend went geocaching during some down time. There on the hill where I took this photo (above), I watched them get excited about their latest geocach & I pretty much knew right then that my baby brother(in-law) might just marry this girl. Only to have my thoughts confirmed the next day when JJ told Tim & I that he could see himself marrying Emily & we were totally thrilled about it!

Fast forward to October 24th at Salisbury University (where they met & grew in love). JJ planted the sweetest geocach for Emily to find during a planned picnic. The picnic, a small birthday celebration for Emily's roommate Sammy, who was in on the secret too.

The plans ..... 
- JJ & Emily would attend a friend's early afternoon wedding
- Then they would swing by the school for a small picnic with Sammy & Chris (JJ's roommate)
- My husband & I would be hiding in the bushes, cameras ready
-Then JJ & Emily would geocach & JJ would propose
- Followed by a surprise dinner reservations with both families

What we didn't plan was Chris getting into car accident on the way to the picnic. Mind you, Chris had the engagement ring & would record the proposal. And we also did not plan for my phone & Sammy's to die while Chris was in an accident. Thank God Chris was physically ok even if his car wasn't & once he arrived minutes before JJ & Emily, the proposal worked itself out as originally planned. 

I adore how their love for geocaching made it's way into their proposal story & how taken by surprise Emily was from start to finish. She even got frustrated that her family wouldn't pick up their phones when she tried to call & tell them the news. Little did she know they were down the road in a small party room with our family waiting to greet her in person a few minutes later. 

Congrats JJ & Emily! Tim & I loved capturing your special proposal & I'm ecstatic to be capturing & celebrating your wedding day with you! June can't come soon enough! Now brace yourselves because your crazy sister in law will be behind the camera crying her happy eyes out the entire time! Love you two so much!