PERSONAL // To my incredibly talented second half, Thank you.

With Thanksgiving this week I thought I'd take some time to acknowledge & thank my incredibly talented & handsome husband who's supported me & worked along side me all year long. Without him Ica Images wouldn't be what it is today. Frankly, I wouldn't be the woman I am without him.

Timothy, you are more than I could ever ask for & far more than I deserve. Thank you for sharing your talent, time, and heart with me & my clients. For catching me with your loving arms after every long wedding day & for being the wind at my back in and out of every wedding season. As my second shooter your are the best I could ever ask for. You know my mind, and you know how I see things. You know the shots & angles I crave & you always over deliver with grace. Even when I'm unkind in stressful moments you are there, and you love me through it. Plus, have I told you lately that you are total eye candy while working. I love you darling & I'm grateful God gave me you to spend all my days with. 

Friends, I know I talk up my husband a lot. But I hope these images speak for themselves. If my husband isn't in the image, he's the one to credit for the images below. So proud of my guy & his work.