PORTRAITS // Downtown Vienna, VA: Matt & Roxanne

Love doesn't always need pomp and circumstance, love can be simple & sweet. Same goes for weddings, for marriage, & for this darling couple, Matt & Roxanne. Any time I've been around these two, they both are dripping with kindness & gentleness. Pretty much the easiest people to get along with.

Mostly soft spoken, Roxanne is rarely without a smile & has personality for days. And Matt is an authentic gentleman, always remembering where & when he last saw you, asking & noting if things went well on that future trip you mentioned casually. Matt has this way of making you feel heard & respected even in the shortest of conversations, a lost art form in a world were conversations mostly happens online & with emojis. I'm so grateful to know these two & capturing their bubbly, tender love on camera was such a treat! Happy Wednesday-ing folks!