WEDDING // Cabell's Mill Centreville, VA Wedding: Julian + Hitomi


Julian & Hitomi's intimate Centreville, Virgina wedding was without a bridal party, on a very warm but breezy day & the mood was perfectly light & joyous.

For a trilingual (Japanese, Spanish & English) wedding, few translations were needed to understand the happiness that filled the air, or the love & support that this sweet bride & groom received. Love looks the same in every culture, their wedding is testimony of that.

Intimate is the best word to describe their wedding day. Every detail & decoration was something near and dear to Julian & Hitomi, their few friends & family members who were in attendance were the absolute nearest & dearest to their hearts, their memories & each handmade creation had a special and significant meaning, and every moment was spent in fully-present kind of celebrating. Don't let me forget to mention all the beautiful paper canes, flowers centerpieces & the gorgeous paper bouquet Hitomi made herself. Her bridal DIY skills blew me away.

Julian & Hitomi your love inspires me. Your long distance, over-seas, multicultural, adventurous love is so powerful & beautiful. So grateful to have captured such a unique & beautiful love story.