Behind the Scenes of 2017


This has been one incredible year for Ica Images. I've had the pleasure of capturing & celebrating the marriage of 12 beautiful couples, all of which are near and dear to my heart. I've also had the joy of capturing more than 45 different portrait sessions, making so many new friends along the way. Not forgetting 4 incredibly life-giving Ica Insight Sessions with budding creatives who are going to take on the world.  

It has been a busy & beautiful year, come take a look at all that happened behind the scenes.

One Ica Images first was shooting on a horse drawn carriage with a bride in blush pink.


Besides a photographer, I am a professional dress fluffer & dress carrier.

I also do other things like make magic out of random fabrics & ribbons, I am a model while I also shoot my clients, I am a professional hair fixer, a professional reflector holder while shooting, I am a seasoned boutonniere pinning pro. I also moonlight as a professional secret keeper (when my clients want to keep their proposals secret or their baby's gender). I do all the things. 

I also hide messes & make pretty things with what I am given.


I enjoy playing hide & seek with my 2nd shooting husband, from across very large churches.

And I play night when working along side some incredibly talented & kind videographers.

Did I mention that I shoot with the very best, my handsome & super talented husband, Tim.

I've worked with the very best this year & my life is fuller & sweeter because of you all!

Thank you all for investing in Ica Images & for believing in my work & my dreams.
Lastly, thank you all for inviting me into your homes, into your families,
& allowing me to capture your memories.


2017, you were a great one!

PORTRAITS // Sterling, Virginia Maternity Portraits: Limos Family

Happiest Birthday to my one & only big sis, Ate Joan. (Ate means older sister in Tagalog)

Yesterday I cried while taking your maternity portraits for so many reasons. Because words are failing to come out eloquently, I'm just going to list all of the reasons why I cried, below.

- I cried because you are so gosh darn beautiful pregnant.
- I cried because after watching your heart break during your miscarriage last year,
I wanted nothing more than for you to be a mom to yet another beautiful baby.
- I cried because you overcame the heartache & you and Terrence now have your rainbow baby.
- I cried because, though we never got to meet baby Limos #3,
you loved baby #3 fully & wholeheartedly because that's what you do.
You love big.
Just as baby Limos #4 is already so completely loved.
- I cried because even through your miscarriage your faith still never wavered &
your trust in the Lord remained steadfast.
- I cried because I can't wait to find out baby's gender & celebrate
whatever name you guys choose when you stare at his or her beautiful face.
- I cried because you've been so incredibly strong despite having the hardest pregnancy
- I cried because you make THE BEST humans, they are always my favorites
- I cried because I just want to kiss & hug your newest baby already!!!
- I cried because you make me so proud.
- I cried because I've never prayed harder for you than the past 9 months.
- I cried because you are every bit the amazing mom I always knew you would be
- I cried because I love you so much & just saying the words doesn't fully do it justice.

Thank you for shooting through your contractions yesterday,
but most importantly
thank you for making me an Auntie to your incredible children.

Happy Birthday, Sissy!!!!!

*** 01.04.2016 This post is dedicated to my niece or nephew (baby Limos #3) who I never got to meet, this side of heaven. You are so loved & missed, baby. You've been marked on my heart & this auntie's life has been forever changed by you. Love, Your Auntie Ica ***

* That was a contraction right there! Sissy is due on June 28th but this baby is coming early, we all know it. If you think of her, could I ask you to lift up some prayers over my sister & the baby, this month? Baby may still be breached & it's a bit early for his or her arrival, but we are still so excited & ready to meet this beautiful baby already! Thank you so much for your prayers.

PERSONAL // How does hiring a professional photographer make you a better photographer?


Art & vanity aside, no service based business or client experience is devoid of emotion. And we as clients have so many feelings & so many emotions during a photo shoot. We feel the weather, we feel the sun quickly fading, we feel silly, we feel pressure to perform, we feel nervous, we feel inadequate, we feel comfortable, we feel the sun quickly rising, we feel vulnerable, we feel judged by the people passing by, we feel elated, we feel loved, we feel beautiful & confident, we feel unworthy & ugly, we feel fat or too skinny, we feel frumpy or tired.

We feel it all.

Some how an artist with a camera is suppose to capture the best of me
despite feeling everything in one emotional explosion.

Being on that side of camera with someone else steering the ship, always puts me in my place. 

To everyone who's ever posed in front of a camera for someone else, I get you. I am you. Just because I run a photography business or get in front of the camera more often than your average joe, I still feel everything whenever I'm in front of a lens. Being a photographer doesn't magically make me more confident or take away any of my flaws or insecurities. I take photos of my own life simply to cherish it, imperfections and all.

As a photographer I want to always say, I've been there. And when it's been far too long since I stepped into your shoes, I go there to remind myself what it feels like to be you. To trust someone else with your memories, to trust someone else to capture YOU.

I'm so grateful for our talented friend Clarence who captured Tim & I to a T.
Whenever I look at these photos I smile from ear to ear because our trust was well placed.
We trusted Clarence to do what I know he can do, we trusted in his vision, in his art & in his instructions. We may differ as photographers, but the experience he gave us is what I've seen him give his clients time & time again whenever I've worked along side him.

Receiving such an amazing client experience has sharpen my very own, because of empathy.

To all my photographer friends, don't forget about yourselves.
Don't forget to hire someone else for the job that a tripod can't do.
It's a humbling experience to receive the very thing you give away day in and day out
& I promise as iron sharpens iron, it'll grow you & challenge you for the next time to go out to shoot. There are so many photographers in the world & we all do things differently but there is so much to learn from one another as we serve each other & our clients.

Thank you  Clarence Chan Photography for being our friend & our Christmas card photographer.

PORTRAITS // Southern Maryland Portraits: Ica

Hey friends! If you are new around here I'm Ica & I wanted to say hello. This summer has been one for the books & we are only halfway through. Our summer has had some rock bottom lows, incredible highs & jam packed weeks, I wanted to take some time to freeze frame who God is shaping me to be in this very season.

I am not perfect, nor am I teflon strong. I make a mess of life a lot, but I've got some incredible people who help me clean my act up & who help me make sense of the chaos. I'm a lover & a friend & though I am flawed, knowing God's relentless love only drives me to love deeper & love people better. I'm selfish at best, but the cross of Christ daily reminds me to lay down my life. And I am known by my God, who is good & does good.  Photos only show you a tiny fraction of the truth, this my friends is me.

A humble thank you goes out to my loving husband for taking me out on a date, for taking my photos & for always bringing the best out of me in life & lens. I love you madly.


Christmas cards sent. Presents wrapped. And one final wedding tomorrow. 
With all the holiday cheer ahead of us, I want to take this time to send you all the warmest wishes & happiest of holidays!

Here's a peak at our Christmas card photos + extras. We thank our trusty tripod for helping us out on this one. Borrowing words from our pastor, "Spend a little too much, eat a little too much, laugh a little too much & hug a little too much." 

May God bless you with peace, hope, joy & love this season & all the seasons to follow.
- Ica & Tim

PERSONAL // A very special thank you + behind the scenes

I am not going to get very far in writing this before I start crying. 
And my clients & friends know I can cry. 

To every single bride & groom, every mom & dad, every family & friend, every planner,
florist, DJ, videography team & caterer, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

The support, trust & love I have received from you all this past year has been incredible. Every wedding day I am humbled by the sheer talent & creativity that surrounds me on every vendor team. And the thoughtfulness & kindness that pours out from my couples, well it chokes me up just thinking about it. 

In this wedding season alone, I've been put in the front of the buffet line by the bride herself, I have been pulled into a photo booth by the bride & groom, I have been given a to-go box of food by the catering staff, mothers of the bride have sent me home with floral centerpieces, I've had a groom walk off the dance floor to plate & deliver me a gluten free cupcake, I've had planners offer to do the leg work of submitting our work for publication, a past bride ask me to teach her high school class some photography basics & I'm just scratching at the surface. (I'm long winded, forgive me).

(Now I'm crying) These huge gestures of kindness take my breath away, but even in the small things you all bless me beyond words. Thank you for simply letting me witness your wedding day (I know the struggle of putting a guest list together & though I am a vendor I consider myself "invited" & I know that is so meaningful). Thank you for kindly entertaining me & my games of Simons Says, for letting me step into your personal space as I fix your hair, boutonniere, make a tie straight or turn a necklace around. Thank you for feeding me and my husband some of the best meals ever and for letting us boogie onto your dance floor. 

Thank you for sharing your stories with me & in return allowing me to tell your story through images, and for sharing your family & friends with me. You all give me more than a job to do, you give me purpose in my career.


To the sweet vendors we've worked along side this season, thank you all for inspiring us, for encouraging us throughout the day & for simply playing nice. I have loved working along side all of you & I can honestly say my clients hire some of the most hilarious teams ever (and I wouldn't have it any other way).

A special thank you goes out to my friend Clarence. Thank you for sharing your clients with me all year long & for allowing me the honor to second shoot for you. You my friend, are a joy to work along side & YOU inspire me!

To my support system, my loving family & my dear friends,
Thank you for always believing in me & for being the best cheerleaders a girl could ask for. The days I doubt myself, or am stressed, the days I miss family gatherings because of work ... you meet me with grace, encouragement & prayers. Along with my husband, I can't do what I do without you guys.
And I love you with all the love my little heart can muster up. 

Lastly, all glory be to Christ my King.
In every season & in all things it is His love, grace & kindness that sustains me
& gives me purpose in life. His praise will ever & always be on my lips.

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your loved ones.
Humbly & gratefully yours, Ica

PERSONAL // To my incredibly talented second half, Thank you.

With Thanksgiving this week I thought I'd take some time to acknowledge & thank my incredibly talented & handsome husband who's supported me & worked along side me all year long. Without him Ica Images wouldn't be what it is today. Frankly, I wouldn't be the woman I am without him.

Timothy, you are more than I could ever ask for & far more than I deserve. Thank you for sharing your talent, time, and heart with me & my clients. For catching me with your loving arms after every long wedding day & for being the wind at my back in and out of every wedding season. As my second shooter your are the best I could ever ask for. You know my mind, and you know how I see things. You know the shots & angles I crave & you always over deliver with grace. Even when I'm unkind in stressful moments you are there, and you love me through it. Plus, have I told you lately that you are total eye candy while working. I love you darling & I'm grateful God gave me you to spend all my days with. 

Friends, I know I talk up my husband a lot. But I hope these images speak for themselves. If my husband isn't in the image, he's the one to credit for the images below. So proud of my guy & his work.